Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hair,Skin&Nails Vitamins

OK ladies remember when i said wanted to take vitamins to help my nails grow well i was looking for biotin but i could not find it so i went a head and brought spring valley hair,skin&nail vitamins.Nail update so my nails did break :( so i went and cut them down starting all OVER ugh lol!
Im going to take 2 a day but they recommend 3 i'll update you ladies in a week to tell you the PRO'S AND CON'S of this product

xoxo muah til next time ladies


Anonymous said...

I've tried Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins before. My personal experience is that your nails begin to show progress first. I personally didn't notice any type of progress with my hair but I wasn't taking the vitamins consistently either so good luck!

Lydz xX said...

tried it before and used it for a while but never really noticed anything amazing :)
Lydz xX

Shakiera said...

I use to take those but I quit. I need to start back because my nails break so easily!...btw, I just started a blog so feel free to check it out chica!!