Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Year Natural

Yes im offically one year natural i cant belive i made it so happy and if any of you ladies are natural and going thru some things with your hair just stay positive and focused you can do it trust me if i can i know you can too ladies!
                                                            LOOK AT THE GROWTH

i love being natural!


Tierra said...

congrats on being natural for a year! Your hair grew a lot!

lil miss Sauniya' said...

Loving it!! Its growing well!! :)

Danielle87 said...

Congrats girl : ) your hair looks great!

Femmes With Benefits said...

Happy Nappiversary! Your hair looks AMAZING! =]

Kimberly, FWB

Mizz Entice said...

Amazing growth for your first year! You are rocking that afro!! Loves it!