Friday, August 19, 2011

New Hair Color/FOTD

Hey ladies you all know im natural well being natural can get kinda boring so i dyed my hair& tried a new style on my hair let me know if you like it but the hair color is a honey blonde but it came out as a goldish browish color i like it but i wanna go lighter in the future ok on to my face..
Smashbox Photofinish
Relvon Photoready Capp.
Mac Msf Natural Deep Dark
Mac Studiofinish Concealer (NW40)
Highlight Costal Scents 42DB Stack Palette(gold shimmery one)

Nyx Jumbo Pencil Milk
Pure Luxe Tart Pigment
Dark Brown Eyeshadow H.I.P
NYC Liquid Eyeline Black
Lashes BSS

Brown Eyeliner Pencil
Mac Studiofinish Concealer (NW40)

EOS Balm
Nyx Creamy Beige
Mac Beux Lipgloss

1 comment:

Tilly said...

love the make up,hair colour,earringsa and that green meshy shirt....nice!!!!