Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mac Haul

Hello ladies i've picked up some mac lipsticks that i've been wanting for a long time so here they are & also im going to pick up some more so if you have any that you think is a must have let me know!

From left to right Angel,Viva glam 2,Lovehorn, Behave Yourself, Freshbrew

From left to right Freshbrew, Behave Yourself, Lovehorn, Viva Glam 2, Angel
From left to right Freshbrew, Behave Yourself , Lovehorn Viva Glam 2, Angel

xoxo til next post muuaaahh;)


Destinee said...

Great colors. I have Freshbrew, I love it!

Kee Lipstick said...

@Destinee I love it too